The Pet Industry: A Report and Selected Free Deal by MergerShark

Posted By: Admin MergerShark on April 02 2019

MergerShark is Beginning a New Complimentary Deal and Industry Report Program

 MergerShark will begin share a free MergerShark transaction with a short deal summary and full transaction details. Plus, we will be including a free industry report for your use. If you find yourself doing a business valuation or working on an M&A transaction in that industry you will have a thorough, current research report at your disposal that will save you hours of research. At MergerShark we are committed to continuing to deliver incredible value to you to save you both time and money.


April’s transaction is the sale of OurPet’s Company, a pet supply manufacturer, and therefore our industry report covers the pet industry.


To download a PDF copy of the April 2019 deal and report to save,
including the pet industry report, click download below.



Download My Complimentary PDF




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