MergerShark is the new, robust, reliable and easy to use database for business valuation and merger & acquisition applications with over 23,000 transactions.


Imagine eliminating the hassle and wasted expense of having by to subscribe to multiple databases to get the valuation data you need. With MergerShark, you get an all in one, affordable valuation database.


You’re already busy and hardworking enough, which is why you need carefully vetted data you can depend on for client reports or in the courtroom at a cost you’ll make back on your first couple projects using it.




 MergerShark is a comprehensive business valuation and merger and acquisition data source created by a fellow business valuation professional with his own business valuation practice.

Plus, it costs just a little over $100 a month (that's less than a nice client lunch).


Do you need detailed quantitative data to support your valuations, buy-sell agreements, transaction advisory services, litigation and financial consulting, fairness opinions, deal negotiations, impairment testing, intangible asset amortization periods and director compensation consulting?

Do you have to subscribe to multiple databases to get the data you need for your client reports, analyses, litigations and presentations? Does having to remember multiple passwords, bounce between databases and pay for each of them feel like a waste of your time and your firm's money? We are on a mission to eliminate this frustration and save you and your firm time and money, while providing quality data. MergerShark was created by a business valuation expert to provide all the data you need to do a business valuation and M&A research in one cost-effective database. 



Your to-do is long. Your days are high-pressure. Your reputation is on the line with every client report, courtroom testimony, analysis, project and presentation. Getting dependable data to do your job shouldn't be a hassle, but should be the easiest part of your day. Stop using your old databases that look, feel and function like they have not been updated since the dial-up days. MergerShark is a modern, user-friendly database with new deals added daily. Plus, we are always customer-focused and add new search features and functionalities based on what our users want.

MergerShark was founded by business valuation expert Brian Pearson, CPA/ABV/PFS/CFF ASA, MBA. Brian is the founder and managing member of Valuation Advisors, LLC, which conducts valuations of privately held businesses for a wide range of financial and tax transactions. Brian has relied on MergerShark's data for client reports, litigations and more and knows you will find it to be a convenient database you can rely on with confidence as well. 


Transaction Data


You can get access to over 23,000 public & privately held company transactions searchable by numerous financial metrics, industry (SIC and NAICS codes), timeframe, keyword and more.


Get enterprise and equity transaction multiples of revenues, operating income, EBITDA, earnings, assets, book value and more for your Market Valuation Approach. MergerShark has prior fiscal year, current fiscal year, latest twelve months, next fiscal year, next fiscal year plus one and next fiscal year plus two multiple timeframes given.


Get discounted cash flow rates, terminal multiples and growth rates for your Income Valuation Approach. DCF data is provided from fairness opinions, wherein discount rates and terminal multiples are given separately by the banker or advisor to the transaction. 


Get control premiums paid searchable by type and timeframe and get the one day discount for lack of control (DLOC). We provide the one day DLOC and one day unadjusted DLOC. The one day unadjusted DLOC is provided when the company being sold indicated rumors or talks of a potential deal impacted their stock price and thus the one day DLOC was impacted. 


Get MergerShark's proprietary discount for lack of marketability. This discount is determined from long term equity anticipation (LEAP) calls and puts using a proprietary group of 30 large publicly traded companies. The 30 large capitalization publicly traded companies we use cover a broad range of industries and typically have a beta slightly over one. These discounts are therefore truly market based, timely and not subjective. We update this discount monthly for 6, 12, and 24 months’ timeframes. You can also search the last three years historical and statistical information for these time periods.  This robust search feature is useful whether you are doing a valuation report at a current date or historic one and need to get an excellent starting point for your DLOM.


Get deal timeframe in days data, which is the number of days from when the Board or management of the company decides to sell the company until the deal is signed. This can help you determine a likely timeframe to use in your DLOM.


Get industry specific multiples such as PV10 value in the oil and gas industry, assets under management in the investment management industry and RevPar in the lodging industry. Also, get commercial or savings bank only deals and banking specific multiples, such as equity value to book value, tangible book value, deposits and core deposit premiums.


You can quickly and conveniently download your search results and statistics into an Excel spreadsheet for use in your valuation schedules. You can also save searches to easily re-run them later.


You can access MergerShark on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. 


Get current data. New transactions are processed daily by MergerShark's analysts. 


MergerShark analysts make pro forma adjustments to the data as needed, which is noted on individual transaction pages, so transactions are thoroughly vetted. Get investment banking fees, including deal termination and fairness opinion fees. 


Get transaction source data. MergerShark gives you the transaction source or filing type, the date of the source or filing and a link to the source if applicable.


MergerShark does not currently accept transactions from business brokers or M&A advisors in exchange for a free subscription. What this means is with MergerShark, you will get over 18,500 public and private transactions, all vetted by our analysts. You can independently verify MergerShark's data if needed, know where it is coming from and be sure it is quality data you can rely on in your client reports or litigations. If we do decide to accept transactions from third party non-public sources in the future this new feature will give users full transparency regarding where MergerShark's transactions are coming from, so they can decide which transactions are appropriate for any given project.


Get investment banking fees, including deal termination and fairness opinion fees. Get deal termination fees, which are the fees the buyer or seller would owe the other party if the deal was cancelled.


Search by cash only, stock only or cash and stock deals. Search by whether the deal was a stock or asset sale. Search by going private transactions, where the seller was public and is being taken private as part of the transaction.


Search by special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) also known as blank check companies.


MergerShark Also Has Fair Value Amortization Period Data (included in the entry level plan)


Fair value accounting rules can be complicated and purchase price allocations of intangible assets can be challenging.


Use MergerShark’s database to research how other companies amortized their intangible assets in mergers and acquisitions and get hard to find data to support your accounting decisions.


You can test out M​ergerShark's search features and functionalities best by signing up for the free one day trial.

With your free day pass you get access to the merger and fair value search sections and can run as many searches as you would like. You may also download to Excel up to 1,000 transactions from any combination of searches. Lastly you can use any data obtained from MergerShark in a report, presentation, paper, etc. with proper citation given to MergerShark.

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MergerShark Also Has Board of Directors Compensation Data


Board pay must be appropriately determined to attract quality directors in today’s competitive environment.


It should also compensate directors for the increasing demands on their time and the risk of serving.



AICPA FVS Sections Members Get MergerShark for Free as a Member Benefit for 2024. 

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), internationally known as the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), wants to help you work smarter, not harder.SM

The world's largest accounting professional member association saw what a beneficial resource MergerShark could be to its members.

MergerShark will  be offered as a member benefit for free in 2024. 

Members may sign up at any time during the free year.

The value of this member benefit is over $1,500. 


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Drive Immediate Sales
Drive Immediate Sales
Drive Immediate Sales

Getting reputable, wide-ranging data for your projects will be quick, productive and cost effective with MergerShark because you should have more time for the things that really matter outside of the office like a workout, coffee run, dinner at home, your favorite shows & sleep...glorious sleep. 

Drive Immediate Sales
Drive Immediate Sales

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Drive Immediate Sales
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Timely information you can rely on to provide expert advice to your client.

Chief Financial Officers

Stay on top of M&A activity in your industry. Be prepared for Board meetings, strategy sessions and strategic opportunities with the latest industry deal metrics.

Valuation Professionals

Our data research goes through multiple checks and revisions. Just like your client deliverables.

Certified Public Accountants

You need accurate and quality data that will hold up in client reports and the courtroom because your reputation is important to you.


Get robust data to compliment your valuable experience and guide companies through M&As, restructuring, IPOs and all their needs.

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