2019 Year in Review and NAICS Codes Update

Posted By: Admin MergerShark on January 10 2020

MergerShark has Added NAICS Codes to Its Search Functionality

You can now search by NAICS codes by clicking the Industry drop down box. This was a requested feature addition from our customers and we are proud to roll it out in early 2020!

Please note, as we began adding NAICS codes over time, we are using the 2012-2017 NAICS codes. We also do not have NAICS codes in for all transactions. NAICS codes are added to all recent and new transactions and being added to historic transactions, as quickly as possible. We have NAICS codes for over 4,500 transactions and plan to increase that significantly over the coming month. If you use the NAICS code search in the meantime and cannot find transactions you are looking for, search by SIC code or keyword as well. We have also linked to a SIC code to NAICS code crosswalk in the industry section for your reference.

In 2019, we surpassed 16,500 transactions and are proud to have added numerous new features and improved existing features of MergerShark. We always seek to add new features at the request of our customers to make using the database even better and add even more value to their subscriptions.

The features we added in 2019 that we feel added the most value are:

·        deal source information for full transparency

·        a more robust keyword search with and/or functionality

·        ability to save prior searches

·        search by seller’s EBITDA

As we plan our 2020 updates, we want to reiterate, we always love to hear from our customers and what new features would enrich your experience using the database. Email us at contact@mergershark.com with any feedback you have. 

Here's to you in 2020! We hope you have a year of productive and meaningful work and successes. We are proud to be a part of helping you achieve your goals. 



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